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Join us on the 147.210 repeater

Our thanks to Michael, N4RQY for
making us welcome on the repeater

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"Our mission is to further the exchange of information and cooperation between members, promote radio knowledge, fraternalism and operating efficiency. And, to have fun!"
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   Please support the Broward County
   Emergency Preparedness net
   Wednesday at 7PM on 147.210
We can program your HT or mobile rig,
  click here to send me the brand and
  model and I will see if we have the cable
  and it is supported in Chirp (link).

  If you have the cable and a programming
  app then we are good to go and can
  program it at any of our events
      We support the DX Code of

            As of 2018/05/23:
Total members       : 153
Paid for 2018       :  98
Percent paid        :  64%
Percent ARRL members:  54%
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The ARRL, our national organization

Current issue of the ARRL Letter

Current issue of the ARRL Contest Update
Remember that our 2m net is now on the 2nd & 4th Thursday's at 7:30PM

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Tom N4MEO and Pete N8PR lead a discuccion on our Field Day plans. Everyone is invited to join in - there is plenty of work and fun to go around

         From our June Meeting
The meeting summary is posted on our Events page

Fred, WB4BAG, brought the trailer
with the tower modifications and
everyone go to see it with the tower
vertical. It looks great. Thanks! Fred!

- Nominations for 2018-2019:
Tom   N4MEO  President
Grant W4WTA  Vice President
Don   KI4KNM Treasurer
Buz   N1BUZ  Sergeant at Arms
Rich  WB4EHG Secretary
         Nominations are still open

       We vote at our July meeting.
Have a look at our Mobile Station (Trailer) page click here
New pix of the trailer from our June meeting. Click here
         Field Day June 22-24
- In the corporate pavilion at 
  Markham Park.

- Setup Friday afternoon at 2PM

- Operate from 2PM Saturday till
  1:59PM Sunday

- Please join us for setup and

- Contact Tom, N4MEO if you can
  and will help.
To kick off donations to our trailer fund, Diane, KC4BAR donated $150. Will you help out too?