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Here is a list of active links to other clubs, the ARRL, the FCC, ham stores and presentations by our members.
"Ham Nation" is hosted by Bob Heil and
Gordon West. It streams live at 9PM ET on
Wednesdays  or you can download video or
audio versions to watch/listen to off-line.
After the live show there are nets on HF
and via the Internet. Give them a listen.
100 Watts and a Wire  a program celebrating amateur radio through the eyes of a new ham
Amateur Radio Newsline: for 37 years it has been a free service to the amateur radio community.  It is a weekly audio news bulletin of interest to radio amateurs.
All About Circuits: A very nice site that covers a wide range of technical topics and includes development tools and video lectures
Clubs and Organizations
Ham Stores
Local Area Nets

Local Repeaters
Map of Repeaters in Florida

List of Repeaters in Broward
•    Contesting - Interview with N8PR
WebMaster: Rich WB4EHG

All About Circuits

A nice Maker site

High Gain 70cm Loop Fed Array and 23cm BiQuadYagi's by K9BCT
---- The zipped audio files are 387MB, contact the web master if you want a copy
146.910 110.9Hz Primary   Ft. Lauderdale

146.610 110.9Hz Secondary Pompano

146.790   88.5Hz Tertiary  Ft. Lauderdale

147.330 103.5Hz Florida Medical Center, Oakland

147.210 131.8Hz Westside Regional Medical Center

If power is out at the repeater sites you can also try listening to
146.520 simplex. This a good frequency for you to have in your radios just in case.

When the HF Hurricane watch net goes active it will be on 14.325 MHz and 7.268 MHz

Broward County Emergency Preparedness Net
Every Wednesday 7PM 146.910 110.9Hz
Broward County Emergency Communication Frequencies (BCEC)
Preparing for a Hurricane: FEMA


Tropical Tid bits

US Navy

National Hurricane Center

Spaghetti Models

View an active display of the wind patterns (really cool

The Ultimate Guide to Hurricane Preparedness
Hurricane Web Sites
Power Grid
Here are a pair of articles about our power grid and their relation to solar storms.

The 1st is short, The 2nd is longer
Broward County Hurricane Site
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Realtime map of lightning strikes
The Complete Guide to Hurricane Safety
RFI Exposure New Requirement May 2021