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Tower & Antenna Removal Party Photo Gallery April 17, 18 & 19

Fred (WB4BAG), Jeff (WB3ISP) and Rich (WB4EHG) and two of Fred's buddies (Jason and Tony) got  together the weekend of April 19, 2020 to take down three towers and five antennas for a ham in Miami who is moving. Fred bought two of the towers. As part of the deal we agreed to take down all three and the antennas.

We had some difficulty with a set screw on tower 1 that took effort way beyond what it should have. And a 10m beam came out a bit crumpled (pix below). Without Jeff, we would still be there working!

These photos document what we did as well as how the parts go together.
The poor 10m beam will never be the same.
Maybe it can be hung on a wall as art?
Tower 2 with 2 antennas
Tower 1 with 2 antennas
Towers 2 and 3
Tower 2's base
Tony climbing tower 1 the unsafe way
Laying tower 1 over onto the trailer.
It needed some man power to get it started
No matter which way we look at it, the
tree's in the way
  Tree problem solved
WB3ISP in his natural habitat
Tower 2 and it's antennas came down easily
  A fruit tree got in the way, Fred fixed it.
Some pix of the structure that goes in the
cement filled hole to protect the tower
Tower 3 was not telescoping. It's guys were
not strong enough to hold Jeff in the wind.
We had to lay the entire tower over on its
side without taking off the antenna till it was
close to the ground
So, we were laying tower 3 over with 
ropes and people on the roof and
ground ...
Unfortunately the rope tied from the bottom of
tower 3 to tower 2 which was being used as
a hard point ...
The top section of tower 2 was pulled out by
the weight of tower 3.
This is the mount for one of the tilt over
telescoping towers.
Skip this pix for now
and ... tower 3 hit the ground which tangled
the 10m beam. The tower was not hurt.
And the people on the roof were not pulled
off the roof.
Fred with his towers ready for the trip home
Documenting how tower 1 was mounted on the concrete slab
Jeff on his morning drive climb to work
Man handling one of the
beams to the ground
Try doing this tied to a 25' tall tower while
standing on your toes on a little piece of
The tower didn't make it all the way onto the trailer
so we put a pipe under it and pushed, and pushed ...
Tower 2. No, the top beam is not for moon bounce
How tower 2 was mounted on its concrete pad
Getting tower 2 to start tilting took some muscle
Tower 2 safely on the ground.
This was the easiest of the
Tower 3's mounting
And lowering the antenna to the ground
Turn the crank, turn the crank ...
... turn the crank, turn the crank .
... turn the crank, turn the crank .
Tree's in the way
What do you suppose happens when you
cut the branches holding the tower up?
Having workers on the flat roof really helped
... turn the crank, turn the crank .