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Join us on the 147.210 repeater

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Click the link above if you would like us to program your HT at lunch or a meeting

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"Our mission is to further the exchange of information and cooperation between members, promote radio knowledge, fraternalism and operating efficiency. And, to have fun!"
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We can program your HT or mobile rig,
  click here to send me the brand and
  model and I will see if we have the cable
  and it is supported in Chirp (link).

  If you have the cable and a programming
  app then we are good to go and can
  program it at any of our events

We now have a club email account:
but, wb4ehg@rjoerger.com still gets checked more often
Our "Mobile Station" now has its own link in the menu bar click here
            As of 2018/08/07:
Total members       : 153
Paid for 2018       :  94
Percent paid        :  61%
Percent ARRL members:  53%
Meeting summary for October 2018 is here

Here is an interview I did with with Pete, N8PR about, Contesting
George's (AA7JV) excellent presentation the Baker Isl DXPpedition is on our Links page, here is a direct link
Our thanks to Michael, N4RQY for
making us welcome on the repeater

All of our paid members should have received an email notice asking you to vote on the By-Laws changes. Link to the proposed changes here.

You can vote on-line via the link in the email or you can vote at the November meeting.
     Please Vote
I have eliminated the flea market page on this web site and replacing it with a page about our mobile station.

You can post ham related items for sale or wanted to our groups.io list. If you want to subscribe to the list or need help with it, contact me here.
Real time lightning strikes

The number of votes is very low, only 36 of the 64 yes votes we need. PLEASE, we need you to vote! If you don't have the original link, email me or Fred and we will send you a new one.