Davie/Cooper City Amateur Radio Club
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WebMaster: Rich WB4EHG
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"Our mission is to further the exchange of information and cooperation between members, promote radio knowledge, fraternalism and operating efficiency. And, to have fun!"
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     Broward County
    Preparedness net

   7PM Friday
     146.910 110.9Hz
               As of 2020/04/05:
   Members              : 71
   ARRL Members         : 47
   Percent ARRL members : 67%

    We meet the requirements to
    be an ARRL affiliated club.
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Where to Find Us On the Air
Our members hangout on three repeaters:

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SFDXA nice calendar of events
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Listen to our 146.640 repeater
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Clubs & Organizations
You can list ham & computer equipment you want to sell on our nets and groups.io

May  29-30: CQ WPX CW Contest
June 12-14: ARRL VHF Contest
June 26-27: ARRL Field Day
July 17-18: CQ WW VHF Contest

Our May Test Session (21-5)
will be held on May 24, 2021

Special Announcement!
"Our" repeaters are installed
and on the air!
     2m: 146.640  -600KHz 103.5Hz
70cm: 443.250 +5MHz 103.5Hz

These are both installed at WB4BAG's QTH and are on the new ~80' tower
LDG IT-100 HF + 6m auto tuner for Icom: WB4EHG Selling

See dcarc@groups.io for other equipment being sold or contact WB4EHG by email
Thursday RF Net:

Early check-in starts at 7:00PM
146.64 -600KHz 103.5Hz
You can listen to the net on-line via the Broadcastify player
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Bill Grumme "Grumme" KK4GUX has volunteered to be our Treasurer.
Everyone, please thank him for taking on this responsibility

Please welcome our new Treasurer:
The next mini-free flea at Fred's QTH is
Sunday, May 16, at 1PM
Results of Test Session 21-4
6 new Techs
3 new Generals
1 new Extra
Coming Soon
  NEW HAMS: we strongly recommend
  reading this article to help you get on 2m
To ask a question or if you need help or to make a suggestion, click this link.

Have a question or need some help?
Our next meeting is Tuesday, June 1
Fox hunt practice is every Sunday, 1PM at Fred's QTH
2021 State & Province QSO
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Our DMR ID is:  3164637
146.640MHz -600KHz, 103.5Hz W6BXQ
443.250MHz    +5MHz, 103.5Hz NA4DC
147.330MHz +600KHz, 103.5Hz SFDXA Link
Contact Fred here if you are interested in
the next outdoor session
Zoom ID: 858 6505 9387
Zoom PW: 064050