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Join us on the 147.210 repeater

Our thanks to Michael, N4RQY for
making us welcome on the repeater

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DX Spots
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"Our mission is to further the exchange of information and cooperation between members, promote radio knowledge, fraternalism and operating efficiency. And, to have fun!"
April 20-21 -- Holyland DX Contest
               (CW, phone, digital)

April 21 -- Feld Hell Sprint

April 21 -- ES Open HF Championship
            (CW, phone)

April 21-22 -- Worked All Provinces
               of China DX Contest
               (CW, phone)

April 21-22 -- YU DX Contest
               (CW, phone)

April 21-22 -- CQMM DX Contest

April 21-22 -- Nebraska QSO Party
               (CW, phone, digital)

April 21-22 -- Michigan QSO Party
               (CW, phone)

April 21-22 -- EA-QRP CW Contest

April 21-22 -- Ontario QSO Party
               (CW, phone)

April 25 -- SKCC Sprint

April 25 -- UKEICC 80-Meter Contest

April 25 -- 432 MHz Spring Sprint
            (CW, phone, digital)

April 26 -- RSGB 80-Meter Club
            Championship (digital)
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Thank you note

   Please support the Broward County
   Emergency Preparedness net
   Wednesday at 7PM on 147.210
  I can program your HT or mobile rig,
  click here to send me the brand and
  model and I will see if we have the cable
  and it is supported in Chirp (link).

  If you have the cable and a programming
  app then we are good to go and can
  program it at any of our events

      We support the DX Code of

As of 2018/04/04:
    Total members: 151
    Paid for 2018:  96
    Percent paid :  64%
Info from the ARRL

The ARRL, our national organization

Current issue of the ARRL Letter

Current issue of the ARRL Contest Update
Remember that our 2m net is now on the 2nd & 4th Thursday's at 7:30PM

Also, any text that is underlined like this is an active link, click on it.

           You are Invited to
          the SFDXA  Picnic

The South Florida DX Assn is
inviting all of our members to attend their picnic on April 22.

Venue is Seminole Park: 6601 SW 16th St, Plantation. Link to a map.

SFDXA is providing the food and soft drinks.

Contact Mark, K2AU and let him know how many will attend.

Jeff, VA3ISP, gave a great presentation on Digital Mobile Radio at our meeting last night.
Here is a link to the presentation.

Thursday, April 26 is our next
                     2m net
147.210MHz +600, 131.8Hz
While not a DCARC event, everyone is invited to the SFDXA picnic Sunday 4/22
There are new items listed on our Flea Market page