Davie/Cooper City Amateur Radio Club
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"Our mission is to further the exchange of information and cooperation between members, promote radio knowledge, fraternalism and operating efficiency. And, to have fun!"
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     Broward County
    Preparedness net

   7PM Friday
     146.610 110.9Hz
  We can program your HT or mobile rig,
  click here to send me the brand and
  model and I will see if we have the cable
  and it is supported in Chirp (link).

  If you have the cable and a programming
  app then we are good to go and can
  program it at any of our events
               As of 2019/11/01:
   People on the roster : 76
   Paid Members         : 69
   ARRL Members         : 44
   Percent ARRL members : 64%

    We meet the requirements to
    be an ARRL affiliated club.
Real time lightning strikes
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Where to Find Us On the Air
Our members hangout on three different repeaters:

N4RQY's 2m repeater (
try here first):
147.210MHz +600KHz, 131.8Hz
at Westside Regional Medical Center in  Plantation

And our new 440 repeater
443.250 +5MHz, 103.5Hz
at its temporary location at W6BXQ's QTH in Dania Beach

And a few of us on the SFDXA repeater: 147.330 +600KHz, 103.5Hz
at Florida Medical Center in Oakland Park

Coming Soon
Coming a Bit Later


       Cy Harris Free Flea
          Saturday Nov. 16
Link to information      Link to a map
Testing will start at 10AM

I found the list of emergency frequencies and hurricane links useful during Dorial so I moved them to our "Links" page.
Hurricane Frequencies
Sick Call

Tom N4MEO is finishing the radiation and chemo and is now working on getting his strength back.
2m Net

Thursday November 14 @ 7:30ET
2m Net

Thursday November 28 @ 7:30ET
Well, that is Thanksgiving, we may not have a net

We are still accepting volunteers for all of the positions for calendar year 2020:

Open positions are:
- President     - Vice President
- Secretary     -  Treasurer
- Board member 1
- Board member 2
  (Board member 3 is filled by the
   immediate past president)

Our By-Laws detail the responsibilities for each office.

Please! Step up and volunteer for a position.
Please volunteer to be a net control station for our 2m net
Net Control Stations

Click here to contract Rich for info.

The meeting summary from last Friday's board meeting are available on the Events page. Here is a direct link.

Ken WA2MZE is recovering at home from his medical procedure. We all wish him a speedy recovery.

Sunday, November 17
Vista View Park in West Davie

Normally we start at 8AM but there is a 10k Run that goes from 8AM to 10AM

Let us know if you are going to attend
November HF Outing
email Rich      email Neil
The meeting summary from our November meeting is available on the Events page. Here is a direct link.