Davie/Cooper City Amateur Radio Club
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We are Radio Active
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More Propagation
info is here
Current Band
WebMaster: Rich WB4EHG
DX Spots (contacts)
"Our mission is to further the exchange of information and cooperation between members, promote radio knowledge, fraternalism and operating efficiency. And, to have fun!"
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SFL Weather
     Broward County
    Preparedness net

   7PM Friday
     146.910 110.9Hz
    As of 2024/04/02
Members        : 120
ARRL Members   :  61
% ARRL members :  61
Real time lightning strikes
Where to Find Us On the Air
Our members hangout on three repeaters:

Thursday RF Net

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Contests & Events
This web site is graciously hosted by Jeff VA3ISP of Country WiFi
North American VHF Propagation
Tropospheric Ducting Map

To ask a question or if you need help or to make a suggestion, click this link.

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Our DMR ID is:  3164637
146.640MHz -600KHz, 103.5Hz W6BXQ
443.250MHz    +5MHz, 103.5Hz NA4DC
147.330MHz +600KHz, 103.5Hz SFDXA
Recurring SoFl Nets & Announcements
Broward hurricane web sites and frequencies
Menno APRS Map
Our Next FCC Test Session (24-04)
April 21 @ 2PM
We will hold a
special session at our April 28 picnic @ 2PM
Contact Fred here if you are interested in
our next session

You MUST! RSVP with Fred here
Listen to our 443.250 repeater
via the Internet (there is a delay)

Directions to Club Station
Click here for directions to Club station

Our QSL Stats (TNX W6BXQ)
QSL Manager's Report
Early check-in starts at 7:00PM
Net starts at 7:30PM

443.250   +5MHz 103.5Hz
146.640 -600KHz 103.5Hz

To listen to the net on-line click here Link

On Echolink we are: NA4DC-L
node 832207
On Echolink we are:NA4DC-L  
Clubs & Organizations
Event Schedule

This is a list of our get togethers.
In-person events are at the club station
Thursday of each week @ 7:30PM
    On-the-air net
Second Sunday of the month  @ 2PM
   Occassionaly BBQ!
Second Tuesday of the month  @ 7:30PM
    In-person & Zoom member meeting
  First Friday of the month @ noon
     Board meeting at the Falcon Pub 
Note: The club station is open for all at 1PM Sundays.
Directions to the session are here
This Sunday (Dec 18 at 2PM) is our social gathering at the club station.

This is a time to get together with our families, have some food and get to know each other.

Please join us
Tuesday, August 3
- Meeting @ 7:30PM
- @ Blue Moon Diner in Davie
  (Map & Address)
Special Interest Groups

Hot Spots
Selecting, configuring & using hot spots
   Led by Bruce W6BRN
Making satellite contacts and equipment
   Led by Open

link to Zoom

Our monthly meeting is at 1930ET on the 2nd Tuesday of the month.
Meeting ID: 824 1586 0321
Passcode: 908776

Your Zoom ID MUST have your call sign click  here to ask for a workaround
Coming Soon
Amateur Radio Ballooning Link
Led by Ed KO4UZI
   The Ballooning Project Concept by

   Pico ballooning video
Here is a  list of on-line ham classes
Third Sunday of the month @ 2PM
   FCC Testing
First Sunday of the month  @ 2PM  
   Sigs and Workshops
Have a question or need some help?
To ask a question or if you need help or to make a suggestion, click this link.

At the club station
and on Zoom
Fourth Sunday of the month @ 2PM
   General use
Fifth Sunday of the month @ 2PM
   General use
Show all hams in an area
Directions to the station are right below this box.
Friday   04/05 Board Meeting
Sunday   04/14 Mini-Flea
               moved to 4/28
The Yaesu digital mode
Ed's repeater: 442.300MHz
   Led by Ed KO4UZI

Understanding, building & installing them
   Led by Jeff WB3ISP
Meeting summaries are here
   Contact email
Every Thursday 730PM Net
Friday   05/10 Board Mgt Moved
Unpaid dues are late!

Here's a direct link to our renewal page
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You can pay Grumme or Fred at any club event and on-line.

1st member      : $20
Each additional: $15

Contests, Etc.
Nice calendar of events (SFDXA)Broken
List of RAC Awards
ARRL General Contesting Info
ARRL (only) Contest Calendar
UA9QCQ Contest Calenda (monthly)
Yearly Calendar of VHF Contests
The dates are based on UTC. A contest that starts
at 0000UTC on Nov 26 actually starts at 8PM EST
on Nov 25.


Aprl 21 ARRL Rookie Round up Phone
Picnic Page is On-line

Our annual Pete Rimmel Memorial Picnic
is on Sunday April 28

Click HERE for the picnic page

It will include operating the Florida QSO Party (FQP) from the club station both Saturday and Sunday

Operating will be simpler, less stress, fewer hours (noon till 9:59PM Saturday, 8AM to 5:59PM Sunday) than Field Day's
You can sign up to operate FQP on-line here

DX News Ticker
Announced DX Operations

DX Calendar from "DX Maps"
DX World Search for details
Click the image. Then click the line for details
This month's Contest Coral (zoom in)

AND we will hold our Mini-Flea Market for radio and computer gear on Sunday.

Contact Rich WB4EHG if you want to list gear you are bringing or want

Also, we will do FCC testing on Sunday.

You MUST reserve a seat by contacting Fred in advance.
VHF/UHF Beacons

Our library of technical books is ready for use! The books are in the new building.

Here's a list of the books available.