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Since 2003, Logbook of The World has provided amateur radio operators with a quick, simple way to claim and verify contacts. This verification formerly required exchange of paper QSL cards and submission of a paper application to ARRL – a slow, environmentally unfriendly, and somewhat expensive process.  Using LoTW today, some digital contacts get confirmed within minutes of when they conclude.

Because ARRL wants there to be no barriers to stations uploading their QSOs, LoTW is available to any amateur radio operator at no cost to the user.  However, there are costs incurred by ARRL for Logbook operations run by ARRL staff members including costs for programmers, equipment, web access, and user help and support.

The future of LoTW!

ARRL Headquarters staff works with a permanent committee to oversee, maintain, and improve LoTW.  Some notable achievements and goals that have resulted from this work include:

    Continuous reviewing and updating of Logbook processes to facilitate ease of use
    Adding new ARRL awards as well as awards from other organizations
    Enhancing DX registration through supporting email methods
    Adding support for multiple locations within a single upload, which supports the rover and mobile communities
    Future growth including a redesign of Logbook's web presence

Today, LoTW is more important than ever!

    The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic has significantly slowed international mail.
    In some countries, the mail has been embargoed.
    Many national ham radio societies have discontinued their QSL bureaus and it's unlikely that they will reappear.

Your donation to Logbook of The World will support maintenance of the current database and expansion of the system in the future.

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