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6m amp for sale

* From: bruw4ov@gmail.com
* Subject: 6 mtr amp for sale

* SB220 6 Meter Amp along with 5 el yagi is for sale

* Spring Sporadic E is coming soon.

* Pick up only $600

* Bruce w4ov 954-298-7528
Equipment for sale from the estate of Kevin Bunin K4PG

* Manuals available for some items.

* Prefer not to ship if possible, especially larger items.  Pickup or meet
* halfway (in Florida).

* Contact Bob Patten, N4BP at "n4bp@bellsouth.net" or 954-338-1825
* for questions, offers, etc.

* Icom IC-720A Transceiver                       $250

* Ameritron ARB-70412 Universal Radio-Amplifier
  Interface with IC-706 Cable (New price $75)     $55

* Icom IC-AT100 Automatic Antenna Tuner          $175

* Vectronix VC300 Antenna Tuner       (new $180) $145
  (slight ding in front panel)   
* Astron RS-12A Linear Power Supply               $70

* Bencher Iambic Paddle (black base)              $65

* Ham Keyer HK5A                                  $40

* Telex Model 200 Headset                         $40
  These are Hygain/Telex ProCom 200
  dual muff headset w/ mouth mic.

* Little Tarheel II Screwdriver Mobile Antenna
  (no Controller) (new price $399)               $250

* Digital Comm 2 Meter Bandpass Filter
  Model DCI-146-4H                               $110

* Cushcraft A4S Tri-band Yagi                    $275
  (Pickup only)

* CDE CD-44 Rotator                              $150
  (Just replaced terminal on rotator)

* LMR-240 Bury Flex Coax Cable 40 feet            $25

For Sale:

* Yaesu FT-707: 80-10m incl'g WARC bands, 100w -- Purchased 09/19/95 but, New in the box!

* I (Don) am assisting with the disbursing of equipment from the estate of "Bruno", SK.

* I have a brand new, never been used radio, in a 22 year old box.
* The inspection tag is still attached! 
* I took it out to test it, but put it right back in the "(original) box because it is
* pristine.

* Purchase Date: 09/19/95

* Price: $250 (pick-up in Plantation)

* Pix available

* Dan, AI4CJ 754-214-3493 cell
For Free:

I have a box of stuff collected over the years. Cables - TV, RCA, VGA,
telephone, Ethernet, etc.

* Ni-Cad wall charger, length of grounding wire, earbuds

* A couple of FRS radios, and music player.

* A full box of mostly cables. Free

* I also have 3 walls maps. About 3x4 feet - USA - relief and political, and a world map. Free

* Free, but you must take the whole box. No picking thru it. I'm cleaning out my house to sell it.

* Call me to come pick it up.

* Gary Stephan, KW4MG

* kw4mg@aol.com

* 954.205.2765