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Ham radio demonstration to  Cub Scouts, January 9, 2016
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A bright day for the DCARC by Brian Fox W1FOX

The Cub Scouts of Broward county had a jamboree at Tree Tops park on the weekend of January 9th.  Several members of the DCARC came out to give the kids some hands-on experience with amateur radio.  Individual packs came to us throughout the morning.  Steve started with the whole pack sitting around him and introduced them to some of the history of amateur radio and what we do as a club and individual operators.  We then broke the pack up into small groups and spread them out.  Sandy, KK4OXM acted as net control and used a mixture of our operating lingo to engage each child in a QSO.  Lastly, we had several straight keys on the picnic tables with code sheets and taught them how to send their names in good old CW.  Rich, W4RQ was particularly impressed with the interest, questions, and fist of one young scout under his tutelage.  Several HF stations were also operational.  The event was very well received by all and each child will receive a "First Contact" certificate thanks to Steve.

Thanks to Brian W1FOX, Sandy KK4OXM, Rich W1RQ, Michael KM4OPO, Steve N4JRW, and Tony KK4GUU for participating.